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4 Reasons why Australia is attractive to Chinese Consumers

You’ve probably heard of more and more Chinese going for a holiday, or deciding to stay in Australia, the ‘land-down-under’. If you yourself are one, you might be wondering what makes it so interesting and striking to Chinese tourists or immigrants.

No fear! We at Breakthrough Media are here to help. Presenting: 4 reasons why Australia is so attractive to Chinese consumers.

1. Visas

The visa application process, once a bane of Chinese tourists everywhere, is now very easy to do thanks to the various advances in technology and in digitalisation; where they can now do most (if not all) of it online. Tourists now just have to pay a standard fee (depending on how long their trip is) and wait for four working days.

To help this along, the Australian Government is also trying to introduce various policies for Chinese visitors, such as language facilities, guides, and marketing information; leading to Chinese consumers flocking to our sunny isle. (Don’t believe us? Take a look at the official stats by Tourism Australia, here.

2. Property

As John Li, a partner of a China business group of Ernst & Young noted, “Australia offers great security for high-worth migrants and is a safe place to invest wealth… Its common law tradition, stable financial system and robust institutions are very attractive.”

Chinese buyers like Australia-based properties that they feel are more open and luxurious, especially when compared to the slightly cramped properties of Shanghai or Guangzhou. Thus, Chinese consumers, who are particularly adept at looking at cost vs. value, are not shy in spending a lot for a property that has all the right qualities; take the example of a Chinese buyer, who broke the record of the highest-paying property deal in Melbourne: a whopping $52.5 million.

3. International students

Chinese parents are increasingly sending their progeny to Australia for education, instead of back home. The Australian Government’s Department of Education has noted more than 170,000 international student this year from China alone, with the total amount of international students reaching a record of half a million. Australia has noted this increase, continuing to supply and increase their A$28billion market.

There an a few reasons for this upward-trend. For a start, Chinese parents view Australia as a chance for high-quality education, particularly in an English-speaking country, where their skills can be better used in the general population. Australia also has an advantage as a host country compared to the U.S. or Canada; in it’s significantly nearer timezone to China, making it easier to still keep in contact with their kids, as well as them coming home for important holidays like Chinese New Year.

4. Lifestyle

Tourism is constantly improving due to the Chinese market, with Chinese visitors spending around A$10.9 billion in 2017. Most Chinese consumers like the more relaxed nature of Australia, compared to the humdrum bustle of Beijing or Shanghai. For example, Australian wines have been a big hit for Chinese consumers, who in China have little to no domestic wine production or market.

It is worth noting that luxury brands have noted this trend and have specifically target Chinese Consumers, by for example having Chinese-fluent people in their stores. This is particularly true of iconic luxury brands like Louis Vuitton or Tiffany & Co, which Chinese customers tend to gravitate towards due to their prestige and their own Chinese concept of ‘face’

These are just a few of the reasons why Australia is becoming more and more attractive for Chinese consumers. As China’s prosperity grows, Chinese consumers are progressively in the market for bigger-ticket items and experiences. Only time can tell if Australia’s services can still match up.

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