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How to Use Micro Influencers to Enhance Your PR Strategy

Updated: Jul 17, 2019

The growth of influencers and social media platforms is astounding, to say the least it’s no secret that influencer marketing is already a booming industry.

In fact, influencer marketing is a tactic that one has used countless times to build their brands and companies. The influencers provide instant promotion of your product or service with amazing conversion rates. 48% of marketers say they will be increasing their influencer-marketing budgets. On top of that, on Instagram alone in 2016, influencer-marketing revenues reached $570 million. It’s one of the best ways to drive big sales.

Brands should also look into hyper-specific influencers who have lower follower counts in a given niche. They have intensely engaged audiences, yet a relatively low (below 25k) follower count. Data proves that micro-influencers are successful. Recently over 800,000 Instagram accounts, each with over 1,000 followers. They analysed how engaged their audiences were in comparison to major celebrity influencers, which yielded around 10x sales compared to celebrities.

We have broken down Micro-Influencer Strategy into 3 folds:


Here are some possible goals and metrics you could consider:

· Brand awareness – Reach of the campaign, growth in social media following, number of social media mentions, etc.

· Increased sales – Growth in sales, amount of sales through a designated coupon code for the influencer, etc.

· Engagement and customer retention – Engagement generated during the campaign, number of repeat customers during the campaign, etc.

· Increased social media following – Growth in social media following

Once you have selected your metrics, record the current stats just before the start of your campaign. You’ll compare them with the stats at the end of your campaign.


The next step of your planning phase is to decide where you want to run your social media influencer marketing campaign.

Each platform has its unique style, audience and works well for different objectives.

Here are some things you can think about:

· Target audience: Pick the platform where your audience is. For example, if you want to reach teenagers or young adults, you might want to go with Snapchat.

· Visual or text content: If you want the micro-influencer to post a photo, you might want to go with Instagram or Pinterest. For videos, maybe YouTube or Facebook. For text, maybe LinkedIn.

· Outbound link: It is slightly harder to drive people to an external website from Instagram and Snapchat platform. (A method is through Stories.)

You might also want to check out less-known and less-popular social media platforms as well. For example, tiktok a platform for creating and sharing short videos, has become very popular among teens.


As this is a key step for running an influencer marketing campaign, this section is a little more detailed than the rest to help you find the best micro-influencers for your campaign.

To conclude, the important selection of metrics, social media platforms and micro-influencers is an effective and test measure way enhance your brand image in the market.

To conclude, the important selection of metrics, social media platforms and micro-influencers is an effective and test measure way enhance your brand image in the market.

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